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Providing over 30 Years of Experience in Multifamily Investments

Over the past three decades, Ethos Property Group has had one mission: Creating an income-producing multifamily portfolio by leveraging industry expertise in the Western and Southwestern U.S. commercial and residential real estate markets. Our approach has allowed us to acquire and rehabilitate value-add, long-term multifamily projects that consistently deliver unparalleled growth and stability for our partners.


Our team works hard, making informed decisions, while always staying true to our core values: Integrity, honesty, character and straightforward, candid communication with all stakeholders.


We are passionate about helping our partners achieve their individual investment goals. We thoughtfully consider each potential investment, determining the best path that will maximize ROI for everyone. While we are diligent to explore all risks and potential, we are agile enough to respond to the ever-changing markets in California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Arizona, and Washington State.


Our primary focus is charting a course that empowers our team to seize tomorrow's high-yield investment opportunities today, executing a tailored approach that meets investor needs.  We value relationships, and want to serve you, our clients today, tomorrow and for years to come. Contact us to explore how we can help you reach your long-term and short-term goals.

Our Values

Integrity, above all.

Character counts. We take a candid, straightforward, and honest approach in all business dealings. We never take shortcuts. Our business relationships are built to last; individual and institutional joint venture partners stick with us and our approach – time and time again.

A commitment to quality delivers reliable results.

Our highly-experienced team sweats the small stuff, so you don’t have to. We do our homework, and we show you our work, every step of the way.

Hard work is rewarding.

We prudently examine investment opportunities from all angles. A measured yet nimble approach to each project is the foundation upon which long-term profitability lies. We never rest on our laurels; our professional expertise and agility are twin pillars of our overall investment strategy.

Profitability for our partners is critical.

Will this investment maximize returns for our investors in the short- or long-term? Our investment strategy is one in which wealth is built through a careful analysis of cost vs. benefit. We deliver your return on investment, grounded in our track record of success in the commercial real estate sector.

Strategic vision: the core of every decision.

We are passionate about our work, always looking ahead to chart a new course for commercial real estate development. The collective vision and focus of our experienced team keeps us ahead of the pack – able to seize tomorrow’s high-yield investment opportunities today. Our deep roots, in the geographic markets we serve and in the multifamily property sector as a whole, enable us to execute on the quick and qualified decision making that yields results.

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